What We Do

Our Mission

NanoStride is a student-run organization at Concordia University that aims to promote the development of AI and Robotics in the fields of research and industry. We are a group of students who are passionate about the topic and want to share our knowledge with others. We want to give back to the community and keep it appraised of what we're doing, so that's we have a blog about everything we do here!

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Our Current Project

CODY is a robot assistant whose main goal is to assist Concordia students. The robot will be placed at the entrance of a building and will fulfill the role of a front desk clerk.

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Our Departments

At NanoStride, we offer student from different fields to work together in order to make our projects come to life. Here are the different departments in our organization:


The Robotics team is responsible for designing and bringing the robots to life. This team is responsible for the electrical circuits, mock-ups and motion analysis.


This AI team is responsible for programming, training the robot to have more human-like attributes.


The Design team is responsible for creating and designing the robots from a mechanical point of view.